A Guide to Alternative Religions

And Their Opponents (Vers. 2.0)

I.  Obligatory Boring Introduction 10. Pagan Songs and Music
II.  Cult Danger Evaluation Frame 11. The Covenant Of The Goddess
III.  Basic Philosophy 12. But What About Satan?
1.  The Charge of the Goddess 13. About the Rosicrucians
2.  About Wicca 14. About The Golden Dawn/Thelema
3.  About "The Wiccan Rede" 15. About the Ordo Templi Orientis
4.  About Asatru/Odinism 16. About the Temple of Set
5.  About Druids 17. A Bibliography of Pagan Studies
6.  About Discordians 18. The Modern Witch Hunters
7. About Dianism 19. The "Burning Times"
8. About Shamanism 20. A Final Word
9. About Ethics in Paganism Return to SlvrSplsh's HomePage

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HTML Adaptatation of this presentation by **Rain SilverSplash**

**The Materials in the HTML adaptation have been partially edited for spelling. The content has not been altered from the original presentation**

This is a short look at Neo-Paganism and the Occult, originally composed as a program for law-enforcement officers who were interested in furthering their knowledge of that segment of our society. It has now been made available to all, in hopes of countering some of the more extravagant claims of those whose agendas require the teaching of falsehoods about it. All information contained herein has been taken directly from actual practitioners of the various beliefs discussed, and has  not been edited in any way as to cast a more favourable light on any group.

Remember the first rule of investigation:  QUESTION EVERYTHING!