A Guide to Alternative Religions

And Their Opponents (Vers. 2.0)

Chapter: 20

A Final Word


I hope that reading through this program has given you a better comprehension of neo-Paganism, and has helped to dispel some of the ugly rumors and accusations leveled against it in some quarters.

We have seen in these articles that neo-Paganism:

1) is -not- "Satanism."

2) is -not- a group of baby-kidnapping orgiasts.

3) has some pretty high ethical standards, and holds to them.

4) is not a Universal Conspiracy Against Everything.

5) does not proselytize.

Some groups are -not- neo-Pagan, but something else entirely, and to lump them in with Wicca, Asatru, Druidism and so forth betrays the speaker's ignorance.

We have also seen that neo-Paganism is not really "occult" in the sense of "hidden" any more than the Mystery of the Trinity, or Transubstantiation in the Christian belief. All of it, with the exception of occasional parts of individual coven's rituals, is right out in the open for anyone to read about, or even watch for themselves.

And reading about the Rosicrucians gives one a whole other idea about the word "occult," given that they seem to be "occult Christians!"

Thanks are in order to: Lord Joshu, Elayna, Sparrow, Red Kat, the Wiz, Mr. Wiz, Silver Priestess, the Bard Mithrandir and his lovely (and brilliant) Lady Wife, Bjorn Meaddranker, Michelle Klein-Hass, Agent Ken Lanning of the FBI & W. J. Bethancourt, and to the following groups: La Mariposa, The Mists of Annwyfn, Desert Willow, P.A.N., Coven of Danu, Rowanhold Bardic Circle, Spiral Dragon, the PODS network, Paul Seymour, Athena Coven, NightScapes magazine, CultWatch Response and Rowan Moonstone, Bristlecone, Dragonheart and Cameron Mandrake, the Clan for Man, and Mulberries of Danu.

So.......when next you meet a neo-Pagan, smile! The Deity, however you name It, loves us! All of us! Pagan, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, and even to the smallest sparrow, that wonderful Love covers All!

And now, go re-read 1 Cor. 13.............and think on what Rabbi Hillel said: That the whole of the Law can be covered in the statement: "Love God and _love_thy_neighbor._ All else is -commentary-."

Hate is not a "traditional family value."

-the (Whyte) Bard


-the Whyte Bard

You are a Child of the Goddess, a daughter or a son of the God, and you are here in joy. Live your life to its fullest, taking the good with the bad and learning from each.

Enjoy love, giving yourself to your lover as you will, but not so much that you lose your Self, and take that which is given by your lover, but not so much as to empty them of Selfhood. You are both individuals who are walking together, side by side, in equal partnership, and if your paths should separate, then so be it. Separate in joy, not hate.

Love. Love life, love your fellow humans, and love our Brothers and Sisters in fur, feather and scale. Love your Mother Earth. We are caretakers of the planet; this is our Home.

Work. Do not live from the bounty of others, but live of your own, as an independent member of the whole. If you must take charity, take it in good grace, and return what you have been loaned therefrom when you can, be it in kind, or by whatever means you have.

Give. Give to those in need, and to those that hunger or thirst. Give not to inflate yourself, and to show others your magniminity, but give from a love for your fellow humans. Give of your substance, but more importantly, give a helping hand, that the person helped may support themselves, free from obligation.

Teach. Teach your children and teach others, not by words, for words can twist and lie, but by your own example. Teach Kindness, and Understanding, and Joy, but most of all, teach Love. If you must discipline your children, discipline in love, not anger.

Think. Think before you speak. Think before you act. Consider your words and actions, and the effect they will have on others.

Learn. Learn from all, for even a fool may speak wisdom unknowingly. Most of all, learn thru the wide eyes of a Child, seeing for the first time.

Ask. If you do not know, ask. If you are unsure, ask. If you are sure...ask again.

Speak the Truth. Live the Truth. Love the Truth. Seek after the Truth.

Harm none. Love all. For it is written, and it is undoubtedly so, that what you have done to the least and smallest, you have done to the Deity.