A Guide to Alternative Religions

And Their Opponents (Vers. 2.0)

Introduction: I


This program by no means covers -all- trads of neo-Paganism, nor does it represent that it gives the Last Word about it or the non- neo-Pagan "Occult" groups discussed, such as the Golden Dawn, the Ordo Templi Orientis and the Temple of Set, but is merely designed to give an overlook of the major groups and to look at their opponents a bit, too. I hope it helps dispel some of the misconceptions about neo-Paganism and the occult currently in circulation.

DO NOT confuse "New Age" with "neo-Paganism." They are not the same.

DO NOT confuse "Occult" with "neo-Paganism." They are not the same.

DO NOT confuse "Satanism" with "Occult," "New Age," or "neo- Paganism." They are not the same.

There are no -real- secrets in neo-Paganism. There is no Great Leader, nor is there some big conspiracy thing that rules it. You can find out everything you want to know about it by simply visiting your local "occult" book store, and buying any number of texts on the subject. Everything in this program has been publicly posted on BBSes, for any one to read. The only "secret stuff" in neo-Paganism is the content of some rituals that may (or may not) be written by local groups.

This program will be distributed via BBS, and is FREE. All files and information within it have been taken from various BBSes around the USA, and should be considered under copyright to their authors, where given and known.

This is version 1.2 of the original PAGAN101 program. It has some new information, and some updated information.

Thanks for your attention, and now, read on!

-the (Whyte) Bard

The Frog Who Loved Opera

-B.J. Romm

One day while walking near the pond, the rooster's wife overheard a frog singing selections from "The Barber of Seville". Not understanding the language and never having heard an opera before, the hen came to the conclusion that the frog was chanting, and she asked her husband if it were possible that the frog was a witch. He said that he doubted since the frog had always been a stable sort of fellow and had never been in any trouble whatsoever. The goose overheard the conversation, but being slightly addled, only got part of the story right. She told the pig that the rooster and the hen had witnessed the frog practicing witchcraft. Pretty soon the horse, the dog, and a whole herd of cows had heard the news. The bull, being something of a fundamentalist religion-wise, and being politically very conservative, suggested that something needed to be done about the frog before it was too late. They quickly gathered a mob together and marched down to the pond to seize the frog. After a short trial during which the bull acted as prosecutor and judge, and the herd of cows as jury, the animals decided that the frog must be burned at the stake. Just before they lit the fire at his feet, the frog uttered an ancient incantation and all of the animals were turned into trees.

Moral: Never trust anyone with a green complexion and a wart on their nose.