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MODERN NEO-PAGANISM & THE OCCULT : A Guide to Alternative Religions And Their Opponents
A compendium of information compiled by the Pagan Educational Co-Operative of
Tempe, Arizona
Everything you wanted to know about Paganism and the Occult, but didn't know where to look!

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Kids and Violence in School
Our Worst Nightmare...Isn't It Time To Wake Up?

I Pledge Allegiance, TOO!


Aradia: Gospel of the Witches

The Mabinogion

The Golden Bough

The Internet Book Of Shadows

Echoes of Isaac Bonewits:

What Neopagans Believe 5.6
or Neopagan Polytheology 101

The Enemies of Our Enemies 2.9.5
or Work with Satanists? -- Are You Crazy?

The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame


Wicca Is....WitchCraft as a Religion

Paganism: Religion or Folly? Ethical or Unscrupulous?
(a term paper written for Christian Ethics class,
Spring semester '99)

One Christian's view of Wicca; Food for thought....

Hatred & Misinformation Against
Wiccans And Other Neopagans

Vegetarianism....Pagan Choice or Personal Choice?

Witch Wars!....Who Are The Winners?

Do You Mean What You Say?
Are you REALLY Saying What You Mean?

The Religious Freedom Coalition
of the Southeast Presents:
Enemies (and Friends) of First Amendment

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