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The following is a presentation of  MODERN NEO-PAGANISM & THE OCCULT :  A Guide to Alternative Religions And Their Opponents (Vers. 2.0), a compendium of information compiled by  the  Pagan Educational Co-Operative *** Tempe, Arizona.  This material is presented as an informational resource covering the spectrum of Non-Traditional Religious groups INCLUDING discussions of purported "ritual" crime. Some may find some of the material disturbing. Sections are included on such Pagan Traditions as Wicca, Asatru, and Druidism as well as Traditions often confused with or mis-represented as Paganism. While I personally do not subscribe to all of the beliefs presented within, I feel it is important to present the information for each to evaluate in their own way. I have, where possible, linked major organizations and contributors to their websites and linked bibliographical references to Amazon.Com for your convenience.

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