I am Rain SilverSplash. I am an Eclectic Pagan, who has chosen to express my personal philosophy using some of the forms, methods, and rituals of Wicca. There are many reasons I developed my own philosophy, just suffice for now that I had differences with the Christian church. The Christian concept of the Divine was too stratified and confining for my spirit. I was a Boy Scout(Eagle) and took the Brotherhood Lodge in the Order of the Arrow. For those who don't know this is VERY heavy in N/A Tradition (Delaware). Soon after that, I read one small paragraph about Wicca in an Occult book. For some reason, that is all that stuck with me from that book. From there I studied numerous philosophies, including Buddhism, Shinto and Hinduism. Into the '80s more info became available on Wicca and Paganism in general. I found that I had pretty much re-invented the wheel. I have progressed in my studies to the point that I feel I must be challenged in a more formal environment; to that end I am now seeking membership in a group.

I have lived all over the Eastern Seaboard, but currently live in the Midlands of South Carolina. As many have noted, I live in the country. Bear with me a moment as I trace an etymology for you. Pagan - Latin for Country Dweller; Heathen - Middle English for Country Dweller... are you following me?... Red Neck - Colloquial American English for Country Dweller! LOL Therefore I proudly wear the name of Red Neck Witch :) And no, as you see, it is NOT a contradiction of terms. I learned a lot of "Magick" from my GrandMother, and my Father, GrandFather and Great GrandFather were water dowsers. So, guys... don't cringe when someone calls you a Red Neck... acknowledge the truth of it, and wear it proudly!

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In my travels around the net and in real life, I am often asked, "What do you know about....?" or, "I live in the heart of the "Bible Belt", where can I find books and Tools?". It would be impossible (without the aid of a computer) to keep all of this information at hand. So I have enlisted MY computer to help YOU find the information you need. On my LINKS PAGE you will find informative sites to answer almost any question, bookstores where you may order books on-line, catalogs for Tools, Pagan and Wiccan Resource and Support organizations, and much more. I only ask that if you find an expired link, let me know. If you know of a site you think I ought to include let me know and I may add it. Thanks, and I hope you find these links useful. Light and Life, Friend!

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