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All of the books I recommend here are, in my opinion, the best on the market. They offer information for everyone from the curious parent who wishes to know JUST what their teen-ager is up to, to the mature Pagan who wishes to explore the history and future of Paganism, Wicca, and/or Ecclectic Solitary Practice. Each book has either my personal recommendation or is recognized by many in the community as authoratative. As an associate of Amazon.com , you can be sure you are getting an honest price from a respected retailer.

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Our Price: $10.95

A Wiccan Bardo: Initiation And Self-Transformation Paul Beyerl

....is a far-ranging work of great beauty and insight bringing together previously unpublished Wiccan material from the tradition of Lothlorien. This definitive guide explains Wiccan ritual ethics and initiatory processes concluding with the exquisite Ritual for the Dead which is performed for seven consecutive days. Like the more familiar Tibetan Bardo Thodol, it provides a transformative experience for the recently departed. --Book Description

This is an excellant book, though very tradition oriented. The Lothlorien Tradition is very beautiful and was founded by Paul Beyerl; you may find it fulfilling. This book is worth having especially for its section on Wiccan Ethics; a subject considered by many as too taboo to comment on. If you are new to the Craft, this book explains most common beliefs and gives you excellant footing to futher explore Pagan philosophy. --SlvrSplsh

Our Price: $7.96

Scottish Witchcraft : The History and Magick of the Picts Raymond Buckland

Many people attracted to modern-day Wicca are unable to contact or join a coven. PectiWita is a path for the solitary Witch; and here, for the first time, are full details of this solitary branch of the Old Ways. Learn the history of the Picts, their origins and beliefs. Learn how to make simple tools and use them to work magic. Through step-by-step instructions you are brought into touch and then into complete harmony with all of nature. Explore their celebrations, talismans, song and dance, herbal lore, runes and glyphs, and recipes. Learn how to practice the religion in the city and with groups. Ray Buckland’s contact with the late Aidan Breac, a descendent of the Picts, led to his interest in Scottish Witchcraft and to writing this present volume.--Publisher's Description (courtesy of Llewellyn Publishing)

Our Price: $15.95

Positive Magic: Occult Self-Help Marion Weinstein

A wonderful introduction to all of the subjects you may come in contact with through your spiritual travels. Weinstein takes a firmly positive stance and details all the information to get you started in many subjects; astrology, tarot cards, Aleister Crowley, the I Ching, Witchcraft, spellworking and Words of Power.

"This book is as good and sound an introduction to the field of the occult as you are ever bound to come across..."-- Colin Wilson

Our Price: $14.95

The Witches' Goddess : The Feminine Principle of Divinity Stewart and Janet Farrar

This book is of great practical value in discovering and celebrating the transforming energy of the Feminine Principle of Divinity. Part I covers the myriad faces of the Goddess revealed, including: Her presence throughout history; Her Earth and Moon symbolism; Her Madonna and Magdalene disguises; Her revelation within the psyche; Her relationship with women; Her influence today; and much more. Part II covers ritual invocations of the Goddess in 13 guises: from Ishtar to Isis; from Hecate to Aphrodite; from Epona to Ma'at. Part III gives an alphabetical listing of more than 1000 goddesses including a brief history and the main correspondences of each. This is an important work by the Farrars providing an indepth exploration of the Goddess in her many aspects at a time when Western culture is awakening to the influence of Feminine Divinity, both individually and collectively.--Amazon.com

Our Price: $15.95

The Witches' God : Lord of the Dance Stewart and Janet Farrar

Exploring the Masculine Principle of Divinity, this companion volume to The Witches' Goddess re-establishes the ancient balance between God and Goddess. Part I covers the many concepts of the God examined, including: His faces throughout history; the Son/Lover God; the Vegetation God; the War God; the Anti-God; and more. Part II gives a close look at 12 individual gods of history with an appropriate invoking ritual for each. Part III presents a comprehensive dictionary of over 1000 gods from many world cultures, past and present. The Farrars are among the best-known authors on the Craft, and in The Witches' God have written what is likely to become the standard work on the masculine god aspect. --Amazon.com

Our Price: $14.95

The Master Book of Herbalism Paul Beyerl

Outstanding in its completeness, The Master Book of Herbalism fulfills a need that has long been felt by students of the magickal arts. In his sincere and gentle manner, Paul brings over 15 years experience as he writes about: the medicinal use of herbs, including illustrations of plants easily found in the wild; history and religious lore specific background information on individual herbs; herb gathering and storage the magickal way ; the herbalist as a magickal practitioner; incenses, oils, amulets, elixirs, balms and fluid condensers detailed information on how to create them; herbs and their relationship with gemstones, etc.; herbal links with astrology and the tarot; rituals the use of herbs in seasonal festivals, initiations, handfastings, purifications, etc. --Book Description

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