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Yes, I know.... "Hammack" sounds rather more Teutonic than Celtic. In fact, my genealogical research indicates it is probably Norman English or possibly Welsh. But with family origins in the Piedmont and Mountains of Virginia, I trace my ancestry to two different Septs of Clan Buchanan: Rush and Richards.

If your breath was taken by the opening sequences of "Braveheart" and "Rob Roy", you MUST visit the far western counties of Virginia. A Highlander wandering through the the mountains around Abingdon and Wise would feel right at home. Indeed, until the homogenizing influence of television only 4 decades ago, one could find more than a trace of Scottish Brogue in the accents and dialects of the region.

I have have always felt strongly the tug of my Scottish roots and am now a member of the
Clan Buchanan Society

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