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Pagan Central With a good connection try the High Graphics Path, it's worth it, however the links work better on the Low Graphics path.
College of the Sacred Mists - An Online Wiccan College
Our Lady of the Woods (Wiccan) - A Teaching Coven located in New Mexico
Lunar Pearl Pagan Home Page
Welcome to Tangled Moon Coven
The Celtic Connection
Lady Bridget's Wiccan Ways
Hecate's Cauldron - a website of  mystery and Magick, of beautiful Rituals, Invocations, Chants, and Dedications which will inspire you and enable you to feel the magick
Midnight in the Realm of the Goddess
Between Myth and Magick
Earth Witchery - Here find information about witchcraft, the environment, green living, and magickal and healing arts
All One Wicca - The home of the "All One Wicca" Study Guide. You may purchase a copy or use the online version; an excellant resourcs for Eclectic Wiccans
Spiral Goddess Grove - An online Sacred Temple of the Great Goddess
The Witch Next Door - just the girl next door, but she has so much good info, including a nicely rounded Book of Shadows